Remy Hair

Photo of top quality Remy Indian hair. For more info click the photoRemy hair has all of its cuticles intact and laying in the same direction. Cuticles are a layer of protection around the hair that open and close to allow in moisture and nutrients. Cuticles are similar to scales on a snake, or shingles on a roof: for the best protection they should be layered in the same direction. Unidirectional cuticles ensure tangle free hair that is longer lasting. Proper cuticle care protects the hair and gives it the natural luster, look, and movement of a person's own hair.

When hair is virgin, meaning that it is un-processed, the virgin Remy hair will reflect a natural shine adding to its over-all beauty. True virgin Indian Remy hair is high quality so you can be assured that your hair will last throughout the life of your style.

Virgin Indian is internationally the primary choice of quality hair and wig manufacturers. Remy hair is the top of the line human hair that is used for extensions. The hair produces the best natural looking extensions. It blends really well with most textures. It is considered the best because the cuticles are kept in tact. Virgin Indian Remy hair is the best to use and the most natural because it has never been processed chemically. Indian hair is either single drawn which means it is made up of all different lengths as it grows naturally on the head. The hair looks very natural and the cuticles are in tact. Double drawn is sorted so that all of the strands are within one or two inches apart.

Remy hair extensions comes from all over the world. India is the most popular. This because the Indian has a texture that can be easily matched to many different ethnic backgrounds.