Applying A Lace Front Wig


Holding the wig, or using a model head, gather up the hair, including the baby hair, and clip it all away from the edges to keep it out of the way. Then carefully trim the lace around the hairline. If this is the first time, and it feels uncomfortable, a little of the lace can be left out to avoid cutting the lace too close to the hairline of the wig. Be careful not to cut the baby hairs of the wig. After you have removed all the extra lace from the wig or hair piece, put a little no-fray on the edges of the wig, being extra careful to not use too much.

The hair being covered should be washed, and completely dried. It is best to then wrap the hair, or braid it in small cornrows. The skin around the hairline needs to be clean and free from oil. After washing the face, clean around the hairline using cotton balls soaked in alcohol to clean and remove excess oil.

Tip: If you have a full head of hair, a skin tone wig cap can be used to give the illusion of your scalp under the wig. Make sure the cap is pulled tight, and then loosely stitched in place in effort to prevent slipping.

Using a small brush, apply a thin coat of glue to the hairline, being careful not to use too much. If you are using a soft bond glue, wait for the glue to get tacky before applying the wig or it will not set correctly. Ultra-hold and Invisi-bond glues are examples of soft hold adhesives. If you make a mistake, lightly rub a Q-tip dipped in alcohol between the lace and skin to release the glue, and and then reapply.

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