Caring for your Indian Remy Hair!


caring for your Indian Remy hairIt is very important to take good care of your Indian Hair. Make sure you use quality shampoo and conditioners. Sodium-Laureth Sulfate is not an ideal ingredient to have in shampoos. Make sure you are checking your labels. This ingredient is used in engine degreasers and will thin out the hair. When washing and conditioning do not gather hair at top of head or ball it up, wash and condition hair in one direction to avoid tangling hair. Straighten hair with a ceramic flat iron that is infused with Tourmaline. These flat irons keep the hair looking silky, shiny and soft with out drying it out. When combing out Indian hair start at tip and work your way up to roots always using a downward motion. Always remove any tangles or knots before washing. Do not sleep on wet hair and always wrap or braid your hair at night.

Indian Remy hair is the longest lasting and most durable hair on the market today. When buying high quality Indian hair, choosing the right hair company is just as important as choosing the right hair. We have found that International Hair Company has the most consistent quality and the best customer service when it comes to Indian Remy hair.