Remy Clip-on Extensions

clip-on exenstionsPeople with shoulder length hair or longer are most suitable for Clip-on-extensions. Clip-on extensions can be installed in minutes to instantly make long hair even longer. For people with thin hair, clip-on extensions are a great way to create a fuller look. For those with shorter hair, the clip-on extensions may not be ideal. It may be  very difficult to make them look natural.  A fusion or a sewn in style would be more suitable and look more natural. Another option would be a wig; they are fun and easy to use. Although wigs can be more pricey, those who are serious about looking good view the expense as an investment.

Using Indian Remy hair for any type of extension, including a clip-on style, is going to provide the most natural look. It is a waste of money to use synthetic hair if the desire is to use the extensions more than once. It may be more expensive initially, but in the long run more money will be saved and the results are guaranteed to be more satisfying.

Some clip in extensions can be brought premade but it is also extremely easy to make them at home with pre-owned extensions or purchased ones. This can be done in three easy steps:

1. First you will need to purchase the necessary materials to make clip in extensions. You will need sharp scissors to cut the wefts of the extensions, a needle and thread and a pack of wig clips that can be purchased from a beauty supply store.

2. Cut the wefts of your hair extensions to custom fit your head. Many people cut them into 3, 4, and 1 inch pieces but every one’s head is shaped differently so they will need to be custom fit. Then place the wig clips onto the extensions. Most extension pieces us three. Two towards the edge and one in the middle but the smaller ones may only require to towards the edge. Always make sure to leave at least half to one inch space on the edge so that your hair can be pulled up without the clips showing.

3. After you have done this you are ready to sew the clips on. If you examine the clips you will see a hole at the top and a hole on each side. Using the needle and the hair thread, sew through the holes and make sure the clips are securely in place. Once you have sewed the clips onto place you now have ready accessible clip in’s to wear and remove whenever you desire!


indi remi hair Photo