Braid Weave Sew in Remy Hair Extensions


The stylist will first French braid the hair in rows. The weft of the extensions are then sewn onto the corn rows. Starting at the bottom of the crown, the weft is sewn in, heading up toward the top of the crown. One can opt to have wefts sewn in all over the whole head, or choose to only place tracks specifically to increase the length and or volume of the hair. Using extensions for increasing length or fullness uses more of the person's own hair to cover the weft, which provides a more natural look. Weaving is fast and easy. It is also safer because there is less weight pulling on each strand of hair. The weaving method can start from about $35.00 per track (weft line), plus the cost of the Remy hair.

Full Remy hair weave extensions covers all of your head or leaves a little bit of hair out in front to give a more natural looking hair line for a seamless transition. This method can start from about $100 plus the cost of the hair. Full Remy hair weave extensions may sound simple, but it takes skill and experience to get the style to look natural. We've all seen people with bad weaves; but those with good hair weaves are hard to spot. It's important that the stylist create a look that makes it practically impossible to tell right away if it is all natural or not. For that natural look when weaving extensions, or for added length, volume, or change of style it is equally important to use good quality natural looking hair. Virgin Indian Remy hair is the best and has excellent quality that will last a very long time.