Indian Remy hair is the best hair to use for any hair extensions, and can easily bond. Using a machine, or skin weft, the hair is parted, showing the scalp, and the glue is applied along the weft of the extension. Then, the weft is quickly applied to the horizontal part made in the hair. Be sure to do this right after applying the glue so that it does not dry. The glued part should go on the scalp to ensure a good bond. This is an easy and fast way to add volume and length. Professional installment is recommended so that the style will last longer; however, many who choose this style simply to have a close friend or family member familiar with styling install. Another bonding method is when the hair is slicked down, and the wefts are glued on top of it. The glue that is used is not strong so it will not pull the hair out. Keep in mind that this is usually a very short-term method of styling.

Because of the short life of bonded extensions and the high probability of the hair falling out, this method is not recommended for long-term styles.