African America Hair Care

Komaza Care is specially formulated for ethnic hair. All Natural African American Black Hair Care. The right products can make the difference between difficult to manage and beautiful care free hair.

Maintaining your natural hair can often be a challenge especially with the delicate nature of African American hair. Relaxes and dyes cause it to break. Using good quality moisturizing shampoos, conditioners, and moisturizing sprays will help keep it natural and healthy. Also it is a great idea to use high quality leave in conditioners and do deep conditioning every other week. It is also important to stay away from products that contain alcohol because it dries out your hair, and petroleum based products make it greasy and weights it down. Products with the Jojoba oil is a great to use on scalp to help your hair grow in fuller. If you are having breakage and drying of your hair it often helps take a break form all the chemicals and heat that are used to style your hair.

When trying to get your own hair to grow or to recover from damage, putting in Virgin Indian hair extensions are a great idea and a favorite for many good reasons. Using low quality extensions can cause further damage. Extensions can be done relatively quick and if the right stylist does them it can look and feel as your own natural hair. You can get your extensions any length and texture that you like. When getting extensions you want to use Virgin Indian hair because it is light and blends in more naturally to most hair textures. This will give your own a break for about 3 to 6 months at a time.