Finding The Best Hair Extensions For You!

Indian Remy hair is the most popular type for most African Americans because it naturally matches their own hair texture so well.

Looking for the best quality virgin Remy Hair Extensions that last? Try International Hair Company!

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Finding the best high quality Remy hair is very important if you want a beautiful natural look. It is also important if you want your hair to look beautiful and last a long time without tangling or shedding. High quality Indian Remy hair can be expensive so you have to look at it as an investment. Be sure you are buying good quality hair. It is easy to waste your time and money by purchasing an inferior hair product. Just because it is from India does not mean that it is of good quality, or that it will last a long time. So do your research and you will find the best hair you ever purchased!

If you want beautiful natural long lasting hair that does not tangle or shed, it is important to find the best quality hair.

Here are some ideas you should consider when buying:

1. You want hair that does not tangle or matt.

2. Look for high quality tightly sewn wefts that do not shed.

3. You want length, color and body consistent with pricing norms for that type of product.

4. You want a product that is full of body, soft, with full healthy ends instead of stringy or dry.

5. A company that offers a fair return policy if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

6. The best quality has healthy unidirectional cuticles. You want it to be soft with a healthy shine.

Virgin: The hair is unprocessed and all natural 100% human hair with all cuticles intact and running in the same direction to prevent tangling. Virgin hair will have the most natural look, movement, and body in comparison to processed hair. It is really going to give the best results and the least amount of trouble

Virgin Indian hair comes from temples in India and is distributed throughout the world. The hair is used for upscale wigs, hair extensions, and pieces. Many times, so-called European, Brazilian and Italian hair is actually made from India. Companies buy it from India, lift the color and change the texture to match Caucasian and African-American type hair, and then resell it with a new name, and higher price. During this process it typically becomes less coarse. If desired, it is easiest to simply purchase Virgin Indian hair, have it lifted by your colorist, and in the process save about 200.00USD over the cost of pseudo-European hair.

Healthy cuticles protect the hair from environmental elements. They also give it its natural luster and shine. Buying hair with healthy cuticles will ensure that it is long lasting and beautiful. Virgin hair has its cuticles but only the high quality will be healthy. Many companies sell low quality non-remy hair that they condition over night so that is appears to be healthy. This hair may only last 3-4 month (if that) and never be as beautiful as healthy virgin hair. You want quality that will last so spend a little more up front and save a lot in the long run and you will look better while doing it.

Absolutely try to find the best Remy hair for your extensions and hair pieces. They will look better and last longer!